Monday, 15 July 2013

2nite actly wana go ck eat wit my sis n ben geh

2nite actly wana go ck eat wit my sis n ben geh
bt yifa called me go to eat 2geter wit he n his fren thn ok lu
get prepared thn his fren & his gf thn yifa come fetch me 10 lk dat ar
goin to pg gurney drive eat thn after dat go to beach
big wind nite~ damn cold at der
b4 going we goin to buy kampai to drink wuhuu nice drink :p
thn at beach der talking walking
i was fall aslip a while at his body too tired le larT.T
enjoy d nitex ermm dat nitex he was treated me excatly lk his gf
duno hw to say lar~ our story ^^
thn 2 goin bek home lo at car slip jor yifa also buying sushi for me eat js nw
take go home eat reach home i eat unagi de sushi luv it*
others wan i 2ml take go skul eat lo

kampai nitex~ yam shenngg
Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2nite go to pcf watch RAMBO 4 9.55
wat a nice movie ~!!
inside d movie dem kill ppl so horrible yuckss
GO GO GO go watch so chi kek le T.T
after watch js go ting2 shop play
thn after le go nasi kandar go sit2
until 2.++ so tired o
oh hell my grastik was so pain cz i didnt eat my dinner

so xin ku lar~~~

tis game man hao wan de~use alot of enegry of tis use gun play gehs
initial D play twince i lose to my sis ><
pretend ~~ coming soon KUNG FU PANDA ~~
27 . 1 . 2008 : sunday

our babes day : winnie babe bday : meet out 
last few days winnie called me,caryne,wen 2geter hv a meet n celebrate vnie bday 
2days d days hehe me 11.++ wake up lo~
thn nt so long vnie jiu send for msg for me dem reach der d so fast ar 
me stil at home ko 
thn 2++ go prepared go pom pom thn go pan leng leng le 

taked few pic at home b4 going out ~
thn 3.++ going out le ben come le thn we go "le yuan" eat sin eat d thn goin qb le reach der go topshop buy clothess js buy singlet n my sis buying hotpants d hotpants so nice i wan*haha
take at topshop fitting room~
thn after buying vnie n caryne come find me le 1st time saw winnie ahaha*she so cute le thn we go walk walk lo talk talk talk caryne stil so leng lui la~ thn wait wen&han come lo goin meet dem in sakae sushi der . wen real person so lenglui huh XD she so sweet wit her bf behtong nya~after dat js hv walk walk in qb around n our favourite taking pic LOL
winnie babe she so cute & adorable
wen babe she so preti nehs hapi go lucky girl **
caryne babe she so charming
4 of us 1st time meet winnie&wen hapiss going out wit dem ^^
thn after dat goin to little shangai eat stembot on d way going der me caryne vnie talking ghost story we 3 veli ghost geh bt stil talking siao liao =D thn we shout until no sound le LOL so funny dem both thn reach little shangai der eat lo ~ eat until so full le eat until 10++ thn goin bek home lo 2day was hapi going wit dem hopefully hv nx time yeah* btw i go out wit dem im lk GIANT i so fat le~beh ki le so paiseh ><>
luv u all my babes~

Friday, January 25, 2008
2day skuling so tired o ~aiks waiting d skul bell faster ring
wana go bek home lo
reach home thn 3 gt tuition
on9 a while sin reach tt wana slip d waiting d time pass again 
thn after tt me my sis , mum , smal sis goin to oldtown kampung baru der

de clothes shop go der c c yak har at der de clothes shop well nt bad le at der de clothes
at imei buy 1 dress 1 long top - RM77.8
at k&c buy 1 long selves 1 dress 1 singlet-RM118
love it so much so cheap ar i at k&c wit der de lau pan niang asked she to discount ar she so friendly
she count me veli cheap le nx time wil go der buy again lo so special&cheap der de clothes
thn after buy go old huz visit my grandma ^^
at der cyling d old bike yerr veli dirty le thn take some photograph at der
i luv photograph
at der chit chat wit my grandma

few pic dats i take in my old huz photograph*duno sui onot
aniway i noe im lousy in tis kinda thing i wil add oil take more nicer de pic la~

tis s my lovely grandma

grandma&my niece she damn thin wind blow i tin she can fly away d

thn after dat went bek home 
thn at nite go pasar malam kaikai so hot le wait until wana siao ki damn hot at der eat bihun&belacan chicken we eating is raining d lo eating while raining thn walk walk thn go bek home d 
thn reach home open sushi to eat lo so hao chi neh~! LOL thn go bath le goin out watch movie 
10.++ goin out reach pcf goin to buy ticket thn pong tau alferd jin n others working fren thn talk talk talk thn go buy le we buy SWEENEY TOD 11.30 
thn we go play tingting le inside pong tau shiyun haha so hapi to meet dao she hmm thn me n my sis play gun ei shoot animal&monster wan so nice to play new game lai le
thn after play tis thn me n yun2 go play others wan thn reach time go inside watch movie le thn movie so digusthing&horrible its nice story too bt inside d movie alwiz sing de??
izit LONDON ppl lk to sing??
T.T thn after watched we went to mcnold sit sit 2nite so less ppl at md le al uncle auntie ei nt lk normaly
tis drink nt nice de lk indian de wei dao
pic- taked by me whn he nt notice tis guy - yunyun can dance shuffle at aniwer
special sos again maked by lamie janice
thn sit until 2.++ thn reach home 3 le 
goin to slip lo hou tired wor ~~


23th jan : working days : public holiday
Thursday, January 24, 2008
my working days

2day s public holiday thaipusam 
yst receive my lau pan niang cal she asked me to working
she say one day RM 45 . normaly js RM30 
so 2day i js go working lu cz at home get nth to do
sumore wana go out duno wana go wer
i wake up at 8.40 so tired*
yifa yst say he fetch me go working thn go eat breakfast 2geter
bt 2day he forget to wake up 
bite he ar haha jkjk*let me wait until so long le
tis s those pic dat take at my huz 

thn my mumi fetch me go to plaza
thn ah qi wit dem at der 2geter go pcf lo
aikss 1stly feel so regret for working 2days
cz mayb long time no working le
nt so close wit dem
at car im js quiet and dem talking&laughing
me js lk a DUDE ishhh~
thn reach pcf wit cindy go buy food eat lo 
whole day working working working
damn tired too
2day my sales/profit ahqi told me s RM900++ wana 1000
lau pan niang called me mus do 1000 ar luckily i done it bt comersial js RM10 T.T
thn working waiting d time pass by

tis cuties s my working fren de daughter she damn cute ar

working fren~didnt take wit cindy she go bek early le sobb sob
tis s ahqi&ahting 2days dem wear util so chio+sexy dem go work at freshway 2day i duno y dem go work at those place ??
tis pic take at working place geh
thn at nite 10 fang gong le i gona mis dem alot :)thn yifa fetch me go bek lo we decided go to autocity swensens eat de actly wana go mcnoldcz i wana eat twinster fried finaly we went to swensens eat i wana eat der de burger cz heard frm my sis say at der de burger veli nice so js go der
i luv to eat tis icecream yifa eat mint de i dun lk yerr~i damn hate MINT
tis is yifa ~ bendan he ahaha

yifa & janice
thn after swensens we go to vivo lo bo lang ei sipek sien le 2nite didnt hv form to dance js dance lk bit and yifa dance his shuffle until so high haha 2nite 1st time c vivo gt mangkalai le so weird ei dem dance until lk so .... at pentas der al ppl cying&laughing LOL thn we go until 2.++ so tired 2ml stil gt skul aikss p/s: 2day ent to skul le . t car slip until reach home drink until face ang ang hehe reach home jv jiejie scold aikss mumi ph me & yifa so mani times we didnt heard le ><>

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